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How to Determine the True Property Lines From a Boundary Survey

Boundary lines are used to show the corners of the property and the land included in a particular lot. Boundary lines are marked by a surveyor for a variety of reasons.

A land survey may be done when selling or purchasing a home to show the area of the property. A homeowner may also choose to have a survey done when obtaining a building permit or for fence installation. Boundary surveys may also be used to mediate property disputes to show the true property lines.

Obtain a copy of the boundary survey plan. This will show a drawing of the property, including the house, other building structures and fences. It can be provided by the Realtor when purchasing a home or by the surveying company.

Review the survey. The boundary lines will be marked on the survey along with the measurements of the property provided by the surveyor.

Check the marked corners of the lot for the flags left by the surveyor. These flags are used to show where the property ends.

Look for lines sprayed onto the grass. This is an indication of the easement. Easement lines are used in the surveying of property for the purpose of putting up a fence. If utilities, such as gas or water lines have been located, they will be marked with coloured flags and a corresponding colour of lines painted onto the ground. Take care not to dig in these areas.

Things Needed

  • Property survey