What do house painters charge per hour?

House painters apply paint, stain, varnish and other finishes to preserve surfaces against weathering and age and to make them attractive. Because there is so much involved in preparing and painting the surface, it is often best to have a professional house painter complete the job. These jobs can be affordable, but what you pay depends on the region in which you're located, the experience of the painter and the competitiveness of the market.

Hourly Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, house painters earned less than £6.90 per hour to as much as £17.60 an hour in 2008. The median house painters reported earning between £8.50 to £13.30 an hour in 2008.


Hourly salaries charged by house painters can vary depending on the location of work, as well as how much work the painter has. In times of little work, painters often quote lower wages to stay in competition with other painters. More populated areas typically have more competition, thus lowering rates as well.

Work History

Painting jobs are often short -lived, so future work depends on the quality of work the painter does. Good job references help painters get the job, as well as higher wages to do the job.

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