If you are attempting to get food stamps, other social services benefits or prove that you cannot pay a court judgment due unemployment, you may need to have proof of unemployment.

Other reasons you may need proof of unemployment include getting a hospital bill written off or to get a temporary stop in debt payments. Regardless of the specific reason why you need it, proof of unemployment is something that you can get on your own.

Contact your most recent employer to ask for documentation showing that you are no longer employed with the company. If you can accept electronic documentation, give your former employer your e-mail address.

Use your unemployment benefit award letter, if you need to show proof of unemployment via unemployment benefits. This is the letter that arrives by mail after your initial unemployment claim filing. If you no longer have it, you can request an additional copy from your state unemployment agency.

Show your most recent check stub from your unemployment benefits, if you need to show proof of unemployment in terms of currently collecting benefits. If you get your benefits check by direct deposit, you may be able to print out a check stub from your state unemployment agency website.