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How do I Buy a TV in the U.S. and Ship it to the U.K.?

The biggest concern for shipping a television overseas is protecting the product.

Today's high-definition television (HDTV) is fragile and delicate, and damage incurred in transit can severely affect the picture quality or functionality of the television set. You should take special care in packaging the television and purchase shipping insurance in case the television is damaged during the trip.

Purchase the television set of your choosing. You can either purchase from an online distributor such as Amazon or, or visit your local electronics store. Most electronics stores in the United States will not ship your product internationally.

Take the television to a shipping company such as USPS, FedEx or UPS. Since the television will still be in the manufacturer's original packaging, your package is safer to ship than packaging the television yourself.

If you would like to receive a quote ahead of time, visit the shipping companies' websites under "Resources." The sites will ask for the weight of the television and shipping location (In this case, the U.K.) They will give you the price to ship, options to ship and estimated time of delivery.

Schedule a package pickup through the shipping company online. When the shipping employee arrives, give him the address of the U.K. destination. The employee will record your information, print out shipping stickers and place them on the box.

You will be offered shipping insurance before closing the purchase. It it highly recommended you opt for insurance, as the television is valuable and expensive, and travelling a long distance. If you opt for the insurance, you must know how much you paid for the television so that your shipment can be properly insured to cover its worth.

After purchasing insurance, you will be given a total for your shipment and can pay by cash or credit card. After paying the total cost, you will then be given a receipt and tracking number so that you will be notified when the television arrives to its U.K. destination.

If you have any problems with the shipment, or if there is a delay, be sure to contact the shipping company.


There are plenty of deals to be found when purchasing a TV. Most electronics stores will match the price of a competitor. If you purchase a large television, be sure you have a large enough vehicle to transport it to the shipping company and have a friend help carry it.

Things Needed

  • Television
  • Shipping service
  • Money