Job Description of an Administration Officer

An administration officer can be found in various industries ranging from product-based manufacturing firms, law firms to service firms. The officer manages administrative tasks for an entire organisation and acts as a “hub” for information management and office support. An administrative officer can supervise other administrative assistants. Other occupational titles used for this position are administration manager or information services manager.


An administrative officer must specialise in oral and written communication. The officer interacts with front-line staff and executive management and of course, co-workers. Typically, communication between an administrative officer and these entities must be professional at all times. An administrative officer delegates assignments to other administrative assistants to perform and complete within a reasonable amount of time. In smaller organisations, the administrative officer may take on added responsibility of finance operations in the form of accounting and bookkeeping.

Features and Job Functions

An administrative officer must have experience in resolving problems that may arise in the workplace. The officer is expected to foster motivation, communication and camaraderie between co-workers and other branches within the organisation. Working under time constraints and handling pressure are traits an administrative officer must also exhibit when addressing project management or customer service issues.

Required Skills

Knowledge of computer applications is a must for an administrative officer. The occupation revolves around the handling of information and assignments through the use of computers. Knowledge of various word processing, spreadsheet, accounting and bookkeeping software is important for the position. The officer must be able to initiate basic troubleshooting of systems and software at the end-user level. The administrative officer must have insight into business strategic planning, leadership and coordination of human and physical resources to provide optimised customer support.

Work Environment

An administration officer works in an office environment with co-workers and other personnel. The work environment is a fast-paced assignment with people asking for internal data, information or guidance on office procedures. The administration officer may also perform duties such as investigation into new work spaces, budgetary control for the organisation and training. Most administrative officers work 40 hours a week. If there is a special project with a deadline, administrative officers can justify and approve overtime for the administrative staff.

Education and Salary

Most administrative officers are promoted into the position. The career path for an administration officer is through apprenticeship of working as an administrative assistant. Most vocational schools provide a two-year administrative services degree, while four-year colleges classify administrative officer coursework as electives to obtain a bachelors degree in business. As of June 2010, an administrative officer annual median income is between the ranges of £23,527 to £34,629.

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