What are the Duties & Responsibilities of a Security Guard?

If you are considering a career as a security guard, your specific duties and responsibilities can vary from the companies that hire you. However, there are overall duties for which every security guard should be prepared.


As a security guard you will be asked to protect something. You will be protecting a building or a person from harm and criminal activity. Some employers will ask that you be armed. You will need to fill out the necessary paperwork to get a gun and holster if this is the case. Sometimes your presence is enough to deter criminal activity and protect a property or person.


Observing is an important responsibility. You might be asked to carry binoculars and use them if you see any movement or anything suspicious. You will need to observe what you are protecting. Should anything criminal should occur you will need to call the police and perhaps interview witnesses.


Monitoring surveillance cameras for suspicious activities, usually in a place of business, is part of a security guard's duty. Security guards often monitor several surveillance televisions at one time that are recording activities inside and directly outside of the business.


You will need to keep a log and report anything suspicious, along with the day and time. Some will ask that you write your report at the end of your shift, while others will ask you to write down anything suspicious right after it happens.


Many security guards are assigned to inspect people's bags as they enter a place of business or pass through a particular checkpoint. For example, a security guard at a bagging checkpoint in an airport will inspect bags through an X-ray machine.


Some security guards are asked to remain in one place, to protect a jewellery display for example. Others are asked to walk the perimeter of a building (patrol). While patrolling you will need to make sure there are no changes to the building. The windows, doors and general area should appear the same as they were when you got there.

Answer Alarms

If a security, fire or car alarm sounds, you will be responsible for checking out why. You will have to inspect the area and call in police, fire or ambulance when needed.

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