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How to Use Goats to Rid Your Land of Weeds

Raising or renting goats for ridding property of weeds and keeping weeds under control is becoming more common.

People are looking for more Earth-friendly solutions for weed problems, and goats are known for their love of brush and weeds, which makes them ideal for controlling this problem. Not everyone can purchase and raise goats full time on their property, but in some areas you can rent goats for short periods of time.

Provide a secure fence around the area where you intend to place the goats if you are planning to purchase and raise goats yourself for weed control. Goats need a string fence that is at least 42 inches tall, with barbed wire on the top, to keep them contained.

Place the goats in the fenced area and let them start eating weeds. Three to five goats per acre will be able to keep weeds under control. Goats will eat most weeds and brush, including blackberries, poison ivy, sage brush, sapling trees and thistle.

Supply a source of fresh drinking water at all times to the goats.

Check with the city you live in to see if goats are allowed to stay on your property if you live in an urban area and do not want to purchase and raise the goats yourself.

Find a goat farm that rents out its goats to residences for weed removal and weed control.

Work out an agreement with the farmer and have the goats brought to your property. Many goat farms that rent their goats will bring the goats to your property and care for the goats themselves.

Things Needed

  • Fence
  • Fresh water