What are the duties of a beauty receptionist?

Receptionists are often the first and last point of contact of a business, and they can leave a lasting impression on customers. Beauty receptionists work in a wide variety of environments, including hair salons, nail salons, day spas and even cosmetic surgeon offices. These particular types of receptionists typically must have polished appearances.

Greeting Clients

One of the main beauty receptionist responsibilities is greeting customers in person and over the phone. This duty typically requires a friendly demeanour and good interpersonal skill sets. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the receptionist area is usually a high-traffic area, so the receptionist must make sure her work area is clean and clutter free in order to make the best first impression on clients. Most beauty receptionists are responsible for answering the phone and checking in clients at the same time, so this duty requires good multitasking and organizational skills, as well as the ability to remain calm in high volume periods. Many beauty salons and spas offer calm and peaceful atmospheres, so part of the greeting responsibility may include offering the client a cup of tea, bottled water or glass of wine, as well as leading her to a room to change into a spa robe and slippers.

Product Knowledge

According to Sample Job Descriptions, many beauty receptionists, including those who work at day spas, must have knowledge about the different products and services their place of business offers. This includes knowing the different aspects of each beauty treatment, as well as informing customers about current offers and promotional specials. For example, if a prospective client calls and wants information about gift tokens, the beauty receptionist should be knowledgeable about the different packages, their prices and what each service entails. Many beauty receptionists are able to upsell different products and services when they are able to clearly communicate them to customers.

Scheduling Appointments

Many beauty salons have regular customers who come in every two to six weeks for scheduled maintenance appointments. Beauty receptionists are often responsible for scheduling these appointments in advance. This duty requires knowledge of the beautician's schedule and availability, as well as being able to organise a planner or type information into an online scheduling software program.

Miscellaneous Duties

Some beauty receptionists are responsible for maintaining and managing inventory, such as nail polishes, shampoos and other products. They are also often responsible for client financial transactions, so they must be able to do basic math and operate a cash register. Additional duties may include managing billing procedures or reconciliation of funds at the end of each work day.

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