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Duty manager job description

The title of duty manager most commonly refers to a supervisor for front office operations during a particular shift.

The duty manager is responsible for facilitating customer service and working as a liaison between back office and front office operations. There are no specific academic credentials, as previous work experience in customer service and sales is most important.

Professional responsibilities

A duty manager is most commonly found in a hotel, restaurant, travel and transport environment or supermarket. The primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient operations of what is known as the front office, which is the portion of the business that deals directly with the customer.

Required skills

Duty managers should have excellent multi-tasking, interpersonal communication and management skills. The ability to efficiently delegate tasks and resolve customer complaints is highly dependent upon these abilities.

A duty manager has three to five years' experience in customer service, in addition to multi-tasking and excellent communication skills, before promotion. A technical proficiency in the computer software used to make customer reservations, payments and other transactions is necessary as well.

Education and experience

There is no set education requirement, though the most competitive candidates will hold a degree in hospitality management.

Duty managers are expected to have significant experience in a variety of front office customer service roles. A duty manager should have a thorough understanding of the various roles in order to efficiently delegate tasks to front office staff. A minimum of three to five years of customer service experience is the standard requirement. On-site training in the management position is the norm.

Job outlook

A five per cent job growth in the food service and hotel industry until 2018 decade may be attributed to the high turnover rate of part-time employees, though the demand will be dampened by a slow economy. Those in management, business and financial operations are expected to face even more intense competition for jobs.


Salaries vary depending on the industry. For example, as of 2014 salaries for retail duty managers start at around £20,000 per year.