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How to fill out a receipt for rent

If you are a property owner or you have a roommate, you need to know how to fill out a receipt for rent so that you and the payee have a copy.

The rent receipt is a document that shows that some one has paid rent, how much and on what date. It is important that anyone that rents a property receive a receipt after paying any amount of money, even if it is just a partial month's rent.

Enter the date that the rent is being paid.

Enter the person's name who is paying the rent, address of the rental property, city, state and Postcode.

Fill in the amount of the payment and who it was paid by. Enter the payment period. For instance, if the rent is for May 1, 2009, to May 31, 2009, enter this on the rent receipt.

Enter any outstanding balance if only a partial amount was paid.

Fill in the name of the person receiving the money and the title of that person. For instance, if you are property owner, the title is "property owner," or if you are the renter with a roommate, the title is "property renter"or "roommate."

Select if the payment was made in cash, check or credit card. If paid by check, enter the check number on the receipt.


  • Rent receipts should be kept by renters for the term of renting the property and/or for four years for tax purposes. Property owners should keep rent receipts for the term of renter renting the property and/or four years for tax purposes.