Paying in a cheque at a UK bank is an easy process. There are several methods you can use ranging from posting the cheque to your local branch to using a fast deposit machine, found in many bank branches.

It is useful to have some paying-in slips; your cheque book usually has some at the end. Alternatively you might have a paying-in book to accomplish the task.

Things You Will Need
  • Cheque

  • Paying-in slip

Take your cheque to any branch of your bank. Fill in a pre-printed paying-in slip if you have one. The pre-printed slip has your personal details such as account number and bank sort code on it. You will only have to fill in the date and the amount on the cheque.

Fill in your bank sort code and your account number if you do not have a personal paying-in slip and you are using a general bank giro credit slip. Add the cheque amount and date.

Take the cheque and completed paying-in slip to a bank cashier. Alternatively put the paying-in slip and cheque into a deposit envelope and insert the envelope into the bank's deposit point, which usually looks like a letter-box.

Use the bank's rapid deposit machine in the branch if it has one, as this is a speedy method of paying in a cheque. Insert your bank card into the machine and key in your PIN so that it can identify you. Key in the cheque amount and then feed your cheque into the machine. You will receive a receipt from the machine.

Post your cheque to your local branch if you are unable to get to the bank easily. Include your cheque and a paying-in slip with your letter.

Pay the cheque via one of your bank's cash machines if you do not want to enter a branch. Many banks offer this service. It involves filling in a paying-in slip and following the screen's instructions.


Ask your bank for a paying-in book if you do not have one because this speeds up the paying in process in most cases.


If you forget your account number and sort code and do not have a pre-printed paying-in slip, it will be difficult to pay in a cheque. If you pay your cheque into another bank's branch, there might be a small fee.