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Fun jobs that pay a lot

There's a misconception that fun jobs don't pay well, and that the jobs that pay well aren't fun.

Fun jobs may not be the typical jobs that college graduates take upon graduation, but they are coveted because they may not conform to the 9-to-5 schedule, allowing the individual flexibility on time. Whether you're a college student who needs a part-time job or a college graduate who is looking for career opportunities, there are fun jobs out there that you can take while earning a liveable salary at the same time.


If you have the artistic skills, you can work as a cartoonist for a newspaper, book or other publication. According to Career Builder, cartoonists may earn a salary of £33,150. Not only will you be paid well, but you can also build your art portfolio with sketches and drawings that you create.


Working in a restaurant is a fun job that has a lot of perks.

Waiting on customers can help you earn a lot through tips, in addition to your hourly pay. As a restaurant employee, you may also be allowed to use discounts on food and drinks that the restaurant serves. states that the average salary for waiter jobs is £38,350.

You can also be promoted as a sommelier, where you can help customers with food and wine pairings. As a sommelier, you earn £71,500 at upscale restaurants, according to


Many photographers work in freelance so they can work for different companies, while some own their own studio.

You can work for publications or during events such as wedding and birthdays. You may search for creative listings on Photographers may earn a median salary of £34,450, according to


You can earn a lot by tutoring for companies such as Kaplan.

Not only will you help students excel in their classes and standardised tests, you can also earn £26,000 a year. Glassdoor states that tutors for Kaplan earn a £12.80/hour salary, but you may receive bonuses that help you increase your income.


You can work as a publicist and be in charge of publicity and promotions for a company or project.

Companies need publicity and marketing departments to develop their visibility as well as to manage their reputation. Publicists may earn £32,500 a year, according to CareerBuilder. You also get to use your communication skills to help influence people.