Good reasons to reschedule an interview

Getting through to the interview stage of a job application can be both nerve-racking and exciting, with a candidate often just one step away from their dream job. However, unforeseen circumstances can mean that an interview will need to be rescheduled and as long as a person’s reason is honest and unavoidable, rescheduling in the correct manner can mean that a candidate still has a chance of getting the job.


While a mild headache is not enough reason to reschedule an interview, there are times in which illness is a good reason to rearrange the interview for another time. Conditions such as stomach upsets and flu will mean that it is impossible to sit through an interview and concentrate on answering interview questions well. Turning up to an interview looking terrible because of illness will not give the interviewer a good impression and can be very distracting, especially if the illness is contagious. In addition, medication taken for illness or tiredness caused by an illness itself can prevent a person from concentrating and cause them to perform very badly in a job interview.

Travel problems

There are times when travel issues prevent a person from attending an interview and force them to reschedule, but this should only happen if an interviewee has no other way to get to the interview. Cancelled trains or buses may cause a person to arrive far too late for their interview, while people living in rural areas may rely solely on their car and have no other option if the car breaks down on the morning of an interview. Severe weather conditions such as heavy snow can make travel impossible and rescheduling can be a good idea, particularly if travelling would be dangerous and many businesses will be closed anyway.

Unavoidable family commitments

If there is a genuine family emergency or unavoidable family commitments, most potential employers will understand the need to reschedule an interview. Examples include having to stay at home with children when they are ill or their school is closed and no other childcare options are available at short notice. Needing to attend the funeral of a close family member is another acceptable reason to reschedule a job interview.

The best way to reschedule an interview

If the only option is to reschedule an interview, it is essential to let the interviewer know as soon as possible and to be completely honest with them. A phone call is often the best way of rescheduling an interview as the job candidate can be sure the interviewer has got the message and it is more personal than letters or emails. It may also be able to arrange a new interview date in the same phone call. When calling to reschedule it is important to be honest, express a continued interest in the position and apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that rescheduling has caused.

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