What Happens When a Provisional Driver Gets a Speeding Ticket?

In most states, if you are ticketed for speeding by a police officer and driving on a provisional license, you will have to wait at least a year longer to get your official driver's license. Since a provisional license is considered just a step toward receiving a full driver's license, most states regard a speeding violation as a serious offence that merits more supervised driving instruction. In addition, you will have to pay the appropriate fine for the violation.

Amending Provisional License

A provisional driver's license is awarded after an initial learner's permit expires, but if a provisional driver is cited for speeding, that provisional license could be revoked, suspended, and/or extended prior to application for a full driver's license. The specifics of the requirements are different in many states, but the one constant is that the state's traditional steps for obtaining a full license will be amended. The exact adjustments to the process are sometimes linked to the severity of the speeding offence. The more miles-per-hour over the limit, the more time required before a driver can be awarded a full license.

Mandatory Driving School

If there are numerous speeding tickets, or if one ticket cites a severe violation of the speeding limit, a driver on a provisional license could be forced to enrol in a mandatory safe driving program before being able to continue with the process for a full license. Many of these programs include several days of classroom work and frequently include hands-on driver training. The enrollee must pass the safe driving program to move on through the steps for licensing.

Loss of Driving Privileges

In nearly all states, provisional drivers who fail to abide by the driving laws or do not adhere to the regulations governing provisional drivers who have been ticketed for speeding may lose their driving privileges altogether. This includes provisional driving privileges along with the loss of the right to proceed through the process for full licensing until the driver passes a safe driving school program or stays off the road during a mandatory suspension.

Insurance Implications

Car insurance for young drivers, especially young males, is considered the most expensive possible. Those premiums will increase even more if the driver is cited or speeding, especially if it is a young driver on a learning permit or provisional license. If the speeding offences continue, especially during the graduated driver's license process, drivers can be deemed uninsurable. In most states, car insurance is mandatory before a driver can operate a motor vehicle.

Other Serious Driving Violations

Speeding is not the only traffic offence that can negatively affect a provisional driver's chances of gaining a full driver's license. Any moving violation can be considered by a number of state motor vehicle departments as an offence severe enough to derail the licensing process. Other serious violations include running a stop sign or red light, making an illegal turn, passing another car illegally and even tailgating.

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