Job Description for an Assistant Headteacher

Assistant head teachers serve a multitude of functions, ranging from administrative tasks to leadership roles to teaching. The assistant head teacher usually works alongside the head teacher and provides support and assistance as required. He coordinates school activities and staff members. An assistant head teacher should be familiar with management procedures and concepts and be able to handle and interact with young adults.


An assistant head teacher needs a bachelor's of education degree. A master's in education is an added advantage. Also, having management or administrative qualifications is a plus. An assistant head teacher needs some level of experience in teaching.


An assistant head teacher covers and teaches classes for absent teachers. He ensures the school runs smoothly and handles day-to-day issues dealing with staff, students and teachers. He meets with parents, talks to teachers and also students. He deals with discipline issues. He handles staffing issues, such as organising and facilitating staff meetings. He organises both internal and external training for teachers and other staff members. He is involved in the induction of new teachers and ensures they understand what is required of them in terms of teaching, assessments and handling students and parents. He also helps in the development of the school curriculum and ensures that the school has a conducive environment for learning. He sets academic targets for both teachers and students.

Desirable Qualities

An assistant head teacher needs to have a passion for working with children and young adults. He should be enthusiastic and highly energetic, since he needs to motivate teachers and staff members. He needs to be patient, empathetic and persevering, since he will be dealing with young adults who may be difficult or slow learners. He should have good problem-solving skills, be open-minded and have a sense of humour. He should also be creative and approachable.


The average salary for assistant head teachers ranges from $ 36,600 to $ 73,611, according to Salary earned is largely based on level of experience and whether the assistant head teacher is working for a public or private school.


Assistant head teachers usually work under pressure from students, parents and teachers. His work may be straining and stressful, making it hard for the assistant head teacher to achieve a good work-life balance. He faces a great deal of responsibility, since the buck stops with him in many instances.

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