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Head waiter duties

A head waiter is a food service worker, usually employed by a restaurant or hotel, who supervises and coordinates all dining room activities. This includes overseeing all members of the serving staff, as well as any procedures and processes that are necessary to provide fast and courteous service to diners.


The head waiter of a restaurant is often responsible for taking reservations for each night's service. He will also show the diners to their seats when they arrive, and explain any specials or other pertinent information.


The head waiter is responsible for hiring, firing, training and managing all dining room staff. He must supervise their work during service to ensure they are following all procedures and meeting restaurant standards. He must schedule their shifts and offer moral support where it is needed.

Customer Service

When customers complain about a server or any other dining room related issues, it is the head waiter's responsibility to smooth things over. Exceptional customer service is a must for any successful restaurant, and it is imperative that each diner leaves happy.


The head waiter will be responsible for--or at least have a hand in--the overall layout, hygiene and appearance of the dining room area. The way the dining room is presented gives diners their initial introduction to the restaurant as a whole, so it is important to make a good first impression.


The head waiter must prepare reports based on the activities of the dining room and staff. He must report to the Food and Beverage Manager or Restaurant Manager and keep an open line of communication about any problems, concerns or simply the general operation of the dining room.