Monopoly Here & Now is a 2006 revision of the classic Monopoly Game. The title deeds are landmarks from 22 of America's most vacationed cities. U.S. airports replaced the traditional railroads. Utilities were changed to an Internet service provider and a cell phone service provider. Luxury tax was replaced with interest due on credit card debt. A poll was conducted to choose new player pieces.

A cell phone and a laptop computer are among the new tokens. The game is played the same way the original Monopoly game is played.

Choose player pieces. Each player must choose a token. The new Monopoly Here &Now tokens are a Motorola mobile phone, Starbucks coffee cup, McDonalds french fries, a New Balance running shoe, a labradoodle, a jet aeroplane, a laptop computer, and a Toyota Prius. Have all players put their tokens on the Go space.

Set up the game board. Put the game board on a flat service where all players can reach it. Put the Community Chest cards facedown on their designated space.

Set up the money. Separate the money by denomination and place in the banker's tray. Give each player £9,750,000, which is an updated value from the original game. Divide the player's money into two each of £3,250,000s, £650,000s, £325,000s; 6 £130,000s; and 5 of each £65,000s, £32,500s and £6,500s.

Roll the dice. Have each player roll the dice. The person who rolls the highest plays first, then play passes to that person's left. Players roll the dice and move their token the number of spaces determined by their dice roll. If a player rolls doubles. he or she take a second turn. Rolling doubles three times in a roll puts the player in jail.

Landing on property. If you land on an unowned property, you can buy it. If someone else owns the property, you owe them rent. Rent rates are listed on the title deed cards.

Landing on Chance or Community Chest. If you land on one of these, pick up your card and follow the directions. Return the card to the bottom of the deck.

Other spaces. Land on the Income Tax space and you have the choice of paying the banker £1,300,000 or 10% of your total worth. Total worth is determined by adding all of your cash to the printed values of your properties and the cost of all the buildings you own. The Free Parking space is just a resting space. When players land on or pass the Go space, they receive £1,300,000. If you land on the Go To Jail space or choose the Go To Jail card, your token is placed in jail for three turns. If you have a Get Out Of Jail Free card, you can choose to use it or save it for later play.

Building houses or hotels. When you own all of the properties in a colour group, you can buy houses to add to your property. When you have four houses on each property in your colour group, you can purchase a hotel. Players who land on your property must pay rent based on what the title deed states for your property with buildings on it.

Win the game. The last player standing wins. Players drop out of the game when they go bankrupt. Bankruptcy occurs when a player owes more money than he or she owns to either another player or to the bank. Players can try to avoid bankruptcy by trading or selling back their buildings and properties.


Shorten the game by setting a time limit prior to starting the game. The wealthiest player at the ending time is the winner.