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High Paying Careers With No Degree

Getting a high paying job does not always require higher education. There are several professions that offer pay for work experience or the amount of training already received on the job.

Most high paying jobs that do not require a degree are managerial positions in professions not often taught in colleges or trade schools and require specific training and experience. As Baby Boomers retire, people to fill these positions will be in greater demand.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers manage the movement of aircraft from take-off to landing.

Controllers watch private and commercial air flights according to established guidelines and within the regard to public safety and national security. Wages can range from £26,000 to over £65,000.


Managers watch regular routine business activities and manage employees and available resources to meet company or agency objectivies.

At all levels, people with the experience to manage people with less resources are becoming more important.

A unique set of people skills as well as business know-how is required. Wages can range from £29,250 to above £97,500.

Industrial Production Supervisors

Industrial Production Supervisor positions require know-how about manufacturing processes, from the machinery needed to the administration of people and materials.

These jobs involve anything from chemical production to energy generation to other industrial processes. The salary range is between £32,500 and £90,350.

Logistics Manager

Logistics managers manage a product or a project from origination to completion.

The job usually involves overseeing the whereabouts of all resources and materials necessary to complete a project. Wages range from about £26,000 to just under £65,000.

Police Supervisor

Police supervisors make executive decisions regarding police officers. Supervisors decide shift schedules, conduct personnel reviews and make sure officers are carrying out assignments.

They also ensure officers are getting trained or educated on new law enforcement polices and technologies.

Many with this experience are currently at retirement age, thus the demand for new supervisors. Wages range from £29,250 to £74,750.