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Fun high-paying jobs

The enjoyment that you get out of your job will play a huge factor in determining whether or not you will be able to make a career out of it. However, the fun factor is not the main consideration most people take when trying to figure out their career path. This is where pay becomes a deciding element in any job. If you can find a good combination of pay and fun in your job, you are likely to find success.

Video game programmers

If you are going to work for the rest of your life, your choice of a career should be something that you are positive you can do for a long time and still enjoy. What better then a career in video games? You played them as a child and probably still play them occasionally now and then. Why not get paid for doing something that you already have fun doing in your spare time? Better yet, get paid the big money by using your creativity to breed your own type of game. Starting pay for video game designers and programmers is around £32,500, as of 2009. Stick with the business and gain another three to six years of experience and expect a salary jump to around a £53,950 yearly. If you can manage to make a full career out of the business, getting a job at somewhere such as EA, or Rockstar Games, over six years of experience will bank you a whopping £71,500. That is equal to a doctor's pay. Many colleges offer degrees in video game design. Length of course differs widely by programs offered. You will be perfect for a career in video games if you have always been the tech-smart type and are good with computers.


Put bartenders to shame with a career as a brewmaster. Brewmasters perform a variety of tasks; anything from physically assisting in the beer making process, to laboratory work in running tests to create the next best tasting beer. Starting out your career as a brewmaster, you can expect to make around £29,250 a year, as of 2009. Put in a couple more years, and as a top brewmaster you have the potential to earn up to £55,250. You will be perfect for this job if you have a well-developed sense of smell. Having sharp senses and attention to detail are crucial for any candidate wanting to work in this field. You can get started by doing an internship for your local beverage company as a bottler and working your way up. If you want to have an edge however, you will need to graduate from a brewing program.

Roller coaster engineers and designers

For the person who loves showing others a good time, this may be your calling. With a career as a roller coaster designer, the sky is literally the limit. You will be responsible for designing new rides for amusement parks all over the country. This job is ideal for anyone that is skilled in drawing/drafting and wields a tremendous amount of creativity. You will need to get a drafting and engineering degree in roller coaster design and it is recommended that you do an internship with an already established engineer in this field. Expect to make £42,250 starting out, as of 2009. The peak pay is around £48,750, but can be more depending on the employer. Other perks include seeing people get the thrill of their life riding your creations.

Voice-over actor

Maybe you are not fit for full blown acting. You do not like to be the centre of attention all the time. However, you do have one great voice and you were always the kid the teacher called on to read in front of class. With these vocal skills you can make some great money. Consider a career as a voice-over actor. You will be involved in anything from narrating a play to a full film voice-over, such as the actors in Shrek. Earnings greatly differ as a voice-over, depending on what kind of gig you receive. At the low end, look at around £11 an hour, as of 2009. Landing a big deal can bank you up to £455 a day. A degree in theatre/acting is always a plus, however in this career much of your success can be credited to who you know. Note that if you are a good singer, that may be all the edge you need to landing a gig over the competition.

Airline pilots

Many dream of flying aeroplanes when they are young, however few follow through with it. Airline pilots make very good money, £96,200 yearly on average in 2009. Get on board as a pilot and expect to hit retirement at an early age. This is the career for you if you enjoy travelling. You also must have tremendous navigation skills and not mind being away from home for long periods of time. If you enjoy seeing the world and travelling to different destinations regularly, you'll succeed. This job requires you to pilot and navigate commercial aircraft in regularly scheduled transport of both passengers and cargo. Top pilots earn about £104,000 yearly.