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High paying jobs for people with no experience

There are many types of jobs that pay well for those with no work experience.

Many jobs do not require much in the way of education, either.

Quite a few job opportunities offer specialised training, which is either transferable to another similar job or a business opportunity to begin a company. There are hundreds of career areas to choose from. As new industries develop, it becomes necessary to fill the positions that support that industry. In fact, many companies prefer to train their own employees for continuity and smoother operations.

Trucking and Railroad Industry Jobs

The trucking industry provides some of the highest paying entry-level jobs available. Many trucking company schools pay students during training. Trucking jobs can easily garner £39,000 a year after as little as three months of experience. Truck driver jobs offer varied kinds of work, flexibility, and job security.

Railroad companies offer training for many areas which can lead to a railroad conductor position earning an average of £36,094 annually.

Building Trades Jobs

The building trades offer paid apprenticeships that can lead to very secure work in the future. Plumbers and electricians can expect to garner a salary a least in the mid-$40,000 range with rapid advancement and overtime.

The Ready-Mix Concrete Company pays for training and licensing.

The company provides the truck and equipment and very good benefits. With overtime, it is possible to earn a sizeable income.

Welding shops offer on-the-job training. There is room for advancement so that not only will an employee learn how to handle steel, but he or she can learn how to weld and fit.

Many welders move on to machine building which pays higher. There is further room for advancement and training with computers toward engineering which can also count toward a degree.

Construction jobs usually offer on-the-job training and can lead to supervisory jobs paying an average of £35,002 and managers earning £47,905 annually.

Service Industry

Cable companies are expanding and offer contractor assignments that have the benefit of working for yourself.

Tax write-offs and job flexibility are just some of the benefits for this kind of work. There is sometimes a small investment in tools to buy, but much of the time the company will provide them or you can have the cost of them deducted from payroll.

Restaurant Industry

Wait staff in restaurants can earn quite a bit of money with no experience. In high-profile cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, servers are known to earn well over what manual labourers and many educated people make.

Because the wages are based heavily on tips, there is no limit to what you can earn on the wait staff of a trendy and popular restaurant.

Many restaurants have policies in place that add tips into the guest check. There are all kinds of work schedules available so there is plenty of flexibility, as well.

Offshore Work

Organizations like the Seafarers International Union (SIU) offer 90 days of training. The schedules include four- to six-month and longer contracts where all living expenses are paid.

Pay scales are upgraded regularly so there is also advancement. When oil prices are up, there is generally a labour shortage which creates more jobs.

Military Jobs

The military remains an excellent opportunity for many people who have no work experience or education to rely upon. While military jobs do not start out particularly high-paying, the military does pay for living expenses while often providing education.

Most every public sector industry greatly respects military training, which can be a great precursor for a future in another industry. Once you have completed your contract, you can continue in the reserves and keep many of your benefits, such as health insurance and a pension.