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Hotel Administrator Job Descriptions

A successful hotel business requires the hard work and dedication of numerous employees who work toward achieving one goal—keeping guests happy. Guest satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, can come in the form of written or verbal statements given directly to workers, managers or corporate headquarters. Hotel employees depend on the guests they interact with because feedback may affect hotel employees’ jobs for better or worse.


A hotel administrator is one of the management positions available to hospitality workers. A hotel business requires many managerial tasks in different areas such as housekeeping, accounting, food services and hotel administration. Since a hotel’s size and the responsibilities of its employees may vary, a hotel administrator commonly carries the title of hotel manager.


A hotel administrator may “make decisions that affect the general operations of the hotel, including setting room rates, establishing credit policy, and having ultimate responsibility for resolving problems.” A hotel manager may also meet with managers over different areas within the hotel to review their performance. Additional responsibilities may include reviewing new policies with middle managers, holding staff meetings and performing conflict resolution between staff members.

Preferred Qualifications

A hotel administrator should possess qualities necessary for an authoritative position. A managerial position requires leadership and decision-making abilities. Employers may also prefer to hire applicants with good organizational and financial skills. Since a hotel administrator must constantly interact with guests and staff, she must have an engaging personality and have a knack for conflict resolution.


The Bureau of Labor statistics states that “Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in hotel, restaurant, and hospitality management provide the strongest background for a career as a hotel manager, with nearly 150 colleges and universities offering such programs.” Once she established in her career, a hotel administrator may seek advanced training to hone her skills or formal recognition of her hotel managerial aptitude. The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute offers Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) certification. CHA certification is a prestigious, industry-recognised distinction reserved individuals whose careers boast an advanced level of education and professional development. Hotel administrators interested in certification must submit an application and pass the certification exam.

Work Environment

Hotel managers' work environments may be high stress when hotels are fully booked or hosting multiple events at once. Interacting with guests may also cause hotel administrators a great deal of stress. Accommodating the most demanding or unpleasant guests can be a trying experience for hotel administrators, causing mental stress that could carry over into their personal lives.

Salary’s data from November 2009 lists the median salary for a hotel manager as £62,009 per year. A hotel manager may earn more or less depending on his experience, amount of hours he works and the intensity of his workload. The size and location of the hotel may also affect a hotel manager’s salary.