Hotel cleaning checklist

A hotel's cleanliness is essential to attracting repeat customers. Given the many guests, the size of hotels and the variety of areas inside them, a hotel's cleaning checklist includes many items other than just cleaning guest rooms. A cleaning checklist helps ensure that hotel amenities are in perfect condition, clean and properly sanitised so guests and employees remain healthy and are unlikely to pick up germs.


Most hotels offer more than just a place to sleep. Hotels generate linens from conferences, restaurants, guest rooms, private parties and bathrooms. The high volume of laundry requires some housekeeping staff members to specialise in laundry and pressing. Laundry services help project the overall appearance of many hotel amenities and also eliminate germs.

Guest Rooms

Guests expect clean rooms when they stay at a hotel. The housekeeping staff must clean all guest rooms by vacuuming carpeting, changing bedding, cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, and dusting furniture. In addition, cleaning staff must also stock and neatly arrange appropriate toiletries, organise and restock mini bar items, and stock stationary, a bible and any other general items that a guest might need. They are also responsible for trash removal.

Common Areas

Hotel guests may frequent a variety of common areas that require cleaning. These may include rest rooms, pools, fitness facilities, restaurants and lobbies. Additionally, guests may touch trays of food offered on concierge levels and may touch check-in desks or concierge tables. The housekeeping staff dusts, vacuums, mops and cleans these areas. Additionally, many hotels provide sanitising soap, which cleaning staff must refill in gyms, bathrooms and other areas. Cleaning crews also regularly dust and shine chandeliers and lighting.

Staff Areas

Hotels also use cleaning staff to maintain many areas that hotel guests do not frequent. The cleaning staff mops, vacuums and dusts offices, restaurant kitchens and other areas. It is important that staff areas remain clean and safe so employees do not get sick or injured.


Hotels also need to clean the exterior of the building. Staff will remove trash from the grounds, clean exterior windows and ensure that any front mats and carpeting is clean. Sometimes hotel cleaning staff will also maintain the grounds.

Condition Inspections

Housekeeping constantly identifies items that need repair. Cleaning staff may alert maintenance staff to defects of door knobs, hinges, televisions, bathroom plumbing, gym equipment and many other items.

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