Hotel night manager job description

Working in the hotel and hospitality industry requires interacting with people. A hotel night manager job is multifaceted. He is responsible for all aspects of the hotel that go on overnight. He needs to be ready to respond to a variety of situations such as late check-ins, intoxicated guests and loud parties. For those with a willingness to help and a customer-focused attitude, this can be a successful career.


A hotel night manager supervises others who work the overnight shift. This can include front desk clerks, bellhops, maintenance crew, and bar and wait staff. She will make a schedule for all employees and supervise them on shift. She is responsible for making sure they are trained on all functions of their job. She is in charge of planning and leading meetings.

Guest Services

A night manager spends part of his time working the front desk. He will greet guests, check people into their rooms, make reservations, and provide guest assistance with a variety of needs. He keeps track of which guests are staying in which room so they know which unoccupied rooms need to be cleaned or can be reserved. He will be responsible for wake-up calls and getting guests things they need throughout the night such as extra robes or towels, toothbrush or toothpaste, and bath accessories. He will enforce quiet hours and no smoking policies.


A hotel night manager will be responsible for the financial aspects of the hotel. She will perform nightly audits and oversee the accounts receivable. She prepares daily credit limit and cash reports. She maintains guest accounts. She will print out and deliver the bills to those checking out. She can make corrections or adjustments to bills as needed.

Property Management

The hotel night manager is responsible for all aspects of the hotel running properly after hours. This may mean dispatching maintenance to: change light bulbs in the hallways or guest rooms, fix elevator problems, tend to guest problems with sinks, toilets or showers, and clean up messes around the property.


Most hotel night manager positions don’t require a college degree. A high school diploma is sufficient. However, at least one year of experience is preferred for this job. In addition, having some college, whether it’s a degree or having completed some hospitality classes, will allow you to advance further in the hotel industry.

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