Hotel receptionist duties

Hotel receptionists, like hostesses in a restaurant, are the first contact a person has when entering an establishment. A hotel receptionist gives a first impression of the entire hotel. Attentive, personable, professional and efficient service make a potential guest feel that they are making the right decision in staying in a particular hotel. A hotel receptionist works mostly with clients and guests but also shares administrative tasks and delegates work to housekeeping and other guest services.

Hotel Representation

A hotel receptionist is responsible for greeting guests with a smile, welcoming the guest to the hotel and arranging reservations. As a hotel representative, the receptionist puts the guests' concerns first and pays attention to special requests with a personable but professional style. Other responsibilities include helping guests with luggage storage, storing valuables, ordering taxis and reserving a table for a guest at a local restaurant.

Administrative Tasks

Hotel receptionists also perform many administrative tasks behind the scenes. They answer calls to the hotel's main telephone line and allocate guest rooms, as well as take and relay telephone messages for guests or managers. Other administrative duties include preparing bills, taking payments, handling checkouts and processing foreign exchange payments.

Teamwork Responsibilities

Receptionists must enjoy interacting with both hotel guests and the hotel staff. Especially in large, luxury hotels a receptionist relays information, such as special guest room preferences, to staff members tending to those guests. The receptionist must also communicate efficiently with housekeeping and maintenance staff to ensure quality service to guests.

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