Front Fence Ideas

You can have any number of reasons for installing a fence in front of your home. It can enhance your landscaping or provide security and privacy. The materials you choose for your fence depend largely on your reason for installing it. While a wrought-iron fence can embellish your yard, a cyclone fence can keep children and pets safe. Before you build a fence, check with your local building department or homeowner's association. Many communities and associations regulate the kind of fence you can put on your property.


Decorative metal fencing is designed to reflect a home's elegance or period architecture. Victorian homes, for example, often have decorative metal fences around their front yards. Available in wrought iron, galvanised steel, aluminium or a combination of materials like brick and steel, a decorative metal fence usually has embellishments such as scroll work, curves or points. While this type of fence can be elegant, it does not provide much privacy.

White picket and split-rail fences tend to enhance landscaping around homes that are more modest. They can be especially fetching when rose bushes or climbing vines are planted next to them.


A privacy fence blocks the view of your home from the street or neighbours. Usually 7 feet or higher, these fences have no or very small openings. Material options include varieties of wood like cedar or pine, as well as brick or vinyl. A privacy fence can also buffer street noises.


While most fences provide a level of security for your home, if protection is the issue rather than looks, consider a chain-link fence. This type of fence has small openings that will allow your yard to be seen but are strong enough to prevent entry or exit. This type of fence is especially suitable if you have pets or children who play in the front yard.

Natural Hedges

A natural fence or hedge can be the answer for many concerns. Adding beauty and architecture to your landscape, evergreen bushes planted at the edge of your property and kept trimmed can define your property, serve as a barrier and provide some level of privacy. Such a hedge can provide additional protection if you plant bushes with thorns. All types of bushes can be used, from juniper to lilac, depending on the look you want to create.

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