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Ideas for Part Time Evening Jobs

Job seekers prefer part-time work for various reasons. Many of them are searching for ways to supplement their full-time incomes, while others are seeking part-time work to help pay for college.

Jobs in retail and customer service are among the most popular for part-time workers.

Employers offering part-time schedules may require employees to work on holidays. Evening positions typically begin after 5 p.m.

Call Centers

Call centres employ people to assist customers in nearly every major industry. Some positions involve taking inbound calls from clients, while other positions may require outbound telephone calls to prospective customers.

Many call centres are open 24 hours, and offer flexible hours to their employees. The qualifications for call centre work typically include a high school diploma, good verbal communication skills, and in many cases, keen sales ability.


Shopping malls and department stores typically schedule employees to work evenings and weekends. As a result, many people seek part-time retail work.

These positions usually require employees to stand for extended hours, lift several boxes each day, and interact with customers. The qualifications for retail work typically include a high school diploma, basic mathematical skills, and the ability to perform physical duties without assistance.


Dispatchers are used by the trucking industry, law enforcement agencies, and taxicab companies to communicate with field representatives while they’re away from the home office.

This typically requires the use of a two-way radio, cellular device, GPS tracking system, computer and multi-line telephone.

Dispatchers are typically expected to work nights, weekends and holidays. Qualifications in this field typically include a high-school diploma, basic computer skills, and clear communication skills.


Security guards protect neighbourhoods, businesses, college campuses and more.

Many security guards work evenings to protect their territories overnight. There is often part-time work available at security companies. Candidates should have a high school diploma, basic computer skills and clean criminal record. Potential security guards should also be in good physical health.

Industrial Work

Industrial work can include light assembly, picking and packing, and machine operation.

Positions in this category require little training and offer flexible hours, including evening and weekend work. Many industrial positions are available to applicants who have not yet completed a high school diploma. These positions can be physically challenging, and are often reserved for applicants who can perform the work without assistance.