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Ideas for salon decorating

Popular salons succeed not only because of superior hair and beauty care, but because of their inviting, creative atmospheres. By tailoring the design of your salon to fit your personality and appeal to your customers, you will maximise your business and provide clients with a positive salon experience.

Colours and Patterns

Colour and pattern schemes are important in making a first impression to customers. According to, green and blue are popular wall colours that promote peacefulness and calm. Wallpaper is another option. Incorporate a pattern that has something to do with the salon business, such as barber stripes, or a pattern using illustrated scissors or blow dryers. This unifies the theme of your business.


Capitalising on a theme for your salon is a useful novelty to attract customers. Use a unique theme, such as a 1950s hair salon to draw in clients. Employ retro tools, such as old-fashioned barber chairs, hair curlers, and blow dryers. Choose colours that emphasise the time period, such as teal and cream. Experiment with creative ideas, such as a masculine lodge-themed barbershop, a bathhouse theme, or a kids' salon.

Furniture and Room Layout

According to, employing specific types of furniture and room layouts improves the look of your salon. Pick furniture for the studio and waiting room that complement one another in colour and shape. Symmetry is an important element in room layout. Arrange design stations in your salon's studio so they are both visually appealing and efficient work spaces.