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How to implement workplace health, safety and security procedures

Each workplace has to comply with health and safety regulations, but workplaces vary, and the specific policies relevant to each must be set down, implemented and monitored.

There are rules on health and safety that apply to all workplaces, such as fire regulations, and some which are relevant to specific workplaces. An example of the latter would be the regulations on transporting hazardous material, which would only apply in particular circumstances or to particular companies.

Ensure that all staff members are aware of their responsibilities regarding the Health and Safety Executive's regulations. Staff should comply with general workplace policies and procedures on attending mandatory training sessions and following protective clothing rules. Appoint a suitably qualified person to be in charge of implementing health, safety and security in your workplace.

Ensure the staff receives the correct training on health and safety procedures. Keep a training log detailing this training and reminding you of when refresher sessions are necessary. Ensure that staff members have copies of particular policies and procedures when they join the organisation. Ask them to sign to confirm that they have read these. Issue appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing. Provide correct changing facilities, and, where appropriate, laundry facilities.

Ensure that all health, safety and security procedures are regularly monitored. These should be revised in the light of new developments or accidents that highlight inadequacies. Detailed accident records must be kept. New laws on workplace health and safety must be incorporated into policies and procedures. Those in charge of the implementation of these policies must regularly update their own training.


Ensure all written warning notices are properly displayed and visible.


Overfamiliarity and overconfidence may lead to accidents; even the most experienced staff needs regular training on health, safety and security.

Things Needed

  • Written policies and procedures