The Importance of Quality Customer Service in the Workplace

A company's customer service policy is a reflection of how important the company values its customers. Customers need support before, during and after the purchase of a product or service. Companies should install support in these areas to influence the customer to use and reuse the product or service. Quality customer service is important because representatives in the workplace are the front line of customer interaction.

Importance of Customer Experience

Customer experience is important in business. Customers are the consumers of a business' product or service, driving the sales that push the company toward growth. Customer service in the workplace affects profits by attracting repeat customers. When pleased by the product and customer service, loyal customers may then direct their friends and family to a company's products or services. The way an employee interacts with customers is a representation of the company.


In customer service, there's a belief that the "customer is always right." In reality, customers may think they're right, but there are times when customers may make unreasonable requests or don't know a lot about the product or service. This may be why customers are having issues. Quality customer service in the workplace involves making the customer feel right about their concern and making sure they're satisfied. Customer service representatives provide value, using product knowledge to lead a customer to a more satisfying experience.

Reactive Approach

Quality customer service involves the balance of two approaches. One is the reactive approach, where representatives providing customer service react to the customer's needs. This involves using listening skills to understand the customer's requests as well as asking questions to gather information about the customer's needs. This is important because customers feel their concerns are being heard.

Proactive Approach

Proactive approach is the opposite of reactive approach. Instead of reacting to the customer's needs, a customer service representative anticipates them and actively reaches out to the customer to address any specific needs. It means anticipating needs by gathering data about a customer's satisfaction level. This is important because being proactive in customer service can lead to opportunities to upsell a product or service.

Additional Insights

Quality customer service doesn't happen arbitrarily. Companies need to be conscious about customer service strategy. Depending on the number of customers and the product or service the company offers, it should install methods that customers use to contact the company to learn more about offerings or help solve a problem. Methods may include having a customer service line so customers can call, a dedicated customer service representative present at all times in the store and a website page that contains e-mail addresses or other contact information that customers can use.

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