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Job description of HSE managers

Health, safety and environmental (HSE) managers generally plan, coordinate and implement issues and directives within the organisation.

They ensure safe environmental working conditions for all employees. They work to prevent accidents, infections, injuries and property loss due to natural causes or daily life circumstances.


An HSE manager requires a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree. Fields studied include environmental science, environmental health or public health.

An HSE manager with more than five years' experience and the degree has an increased opportunity to land a top HSE manager job. Some organisations will require that an HSE manager become certified by the authority in the locality in which he works.

Responsibilities and Duties

The HSE manager conducts risk assessment and risk mitigation measures on-site and before commencement of projects. She also undertakes corrective and preventive measures to ensure a proper environment and health for the organisation and its stakeholders. She comes up with proposals for corrective or preventive measures, and investigates, analyses and reviews accidents or near misses within the organisation.

To ensure regular emergency response is effective and that managers and employees are prepared at all times, this manager designs and conducts drills, both announced and unannounced.

She coordinates HSE subordinate staff working under her command, and ensures that work safety permits are enforced.

It is her responsibility to make sure that all employees are properly informed about the working, environmental and safety policies of the organisation. She prepares monthly reports and makes presentations regularly to upper management.

Desirable Skills

An HSE manager has good analytical skills.

He communicates well in person, but especially in writing, as in report writing. He has good training skills also.


The average salary for HSE managers according to Payscale is £38,193 to £59,935. Other added benefits include a bonus, which can range from £1,893 to £6,564.

Profit sharing ranges from £955 to £4,008.

This adds up to a total remuneration of between £37,759 and £63,454.

Pay varies according to industry, level of education, location and organisation though HSE managers in the chemical engineering industry are the most highly paid. Holders of master's degrees generally earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees.

Job Outlook

Some of the popular industries that HSE managers work in include food manufacturing, construction, manufacturing and distribution, steel and metal manufacturing and chemical manufacturing.