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Job description for a merchandise coordinator

All of us have the need to purchase jeans, shoes, shirts and underclothes. Americans love to shop for these items at their favourite department stores like Dillards, Macys, JC Penny, and many other national retail outlets.

Merchandise coordinators make certain that the buying public has a wide selection of merchandise to select from. Merchandise coordinators are responsible for stocking stores and keeping the styles up-to-date.

Job Duties

The merchandise coordinator is responsible for assisting the retailing manager with customer service, customer orders, inventory selection, merchandise presentation, sales events, sales promotions and storeroom security.

He must ensure that all customer merchandise issues are handled.

The coordinator is the employee that communicates and negotiates with merchants and vendors. He must have a visual eye and attention to detail. He is also responsible for floor merchandising.


These jobs generally require several years of retail sales experience. The position requires a vast knowledge and understanding of the merchandise that is being sold and displayed. Candidates with a bachelor's degree in retail or merchandising will be able to land the best jobs with large national retailers.

However, many of these professionals grow into this role after several successful years of retail sales and retail sales supervisory experience. This career choice requires solid negotiation and presentation skills.

Nature of the Work

Retail and merchandising careers require long hours and irregular hours including evenings, nights and weekends.

These types of careers also require an employee to work on a rotating schedule and be available to their employer on a moment's notice. The turnover in retail is very high.

These positions require the candidates to stand for long hours and spend the majority of their day standing and walking. Merchandisers must be able to lift heavy objects and have the physical ability to climb stairs and ladders.

Job Outlook

The economy affects retail business to the level that, in a poor economy, many smaller retail chains go out of business. Most retail businesses depend on the Christmas season for the bulk of their profits. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Overall, the number of wage and salary jobs in clothing, accessory, and general merchandise stores is expected to increase 11 per cent over the 2008--18 period, on par with the 11 per cent increase projected for all industries combined. Growth of this industry is extremely dependent on consumers' spending habits and the health of the economy."

Salary Data

The national average annual salary for a merchandise coordinator is £13,650. This is considered to be an entry-level career that leads to retail management. According to, "Average merchandise coordinator salaries for job postings nationwide are 68 per cent lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. This salary is far below the average salary of a recent college graduate.