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Job description for a sales supervisor

Sales supervisors usually work for retail establishments that sell clothes, appliances, furniture, cell phones, electronics and office supplies. They can also work in the cable or satellite television industry, at government offices or in financial services.

A job description of a sales supervisor usually includes various sales support functions that help the retail salespeople improve their job performance. Sometimes, the job description of a sales supervisor is to assist a sales manager, provided that there is a distinction between the two positions.


The job description of a sales supervisor mainly includes leading and motivating the sales employees toward achieving the sales objectives of the company or retail establishment. These objectives usually entail driving sales volume in terms of both units and dollars. The job description for a sales supervisor may also entail using existing promotional tools or point-of-purchase materials to increase the store's or company's sales volume.


A sales supervisor's job description can also include hiring new sales employees, ensuring that they fill out the proper paperwork such as I-9 and W-2 forms and getting them properly trained on sales techniques and the cash register. The job description for a sales supervisor can also include monitoring an employee's progress, conducting performance reviews, creating action plans for sales representatives that are underperforming and, sometimes, firing employees.


The job description of a sales supervisor often include setting work schedules for sales employees, ensuring that all shifts are covered and making sure employees adhere to the dress code and company standards when dealing with customers. The job description for sales supervisors will often have them waiting on customers and upselling, especially during busy hours or at certain times of the year such as holidays.

Other Responsibilities

The job description of a sales supervisor can also include handling customer complaints, counting down registers during shift changes, organising store displays and merchandise, handling damaged merchandise and returns, managing sales incentive plans for employees, running sales reports for store management and maintaining the highest customer service standards.

Qualifications and Salary

Many sales supervisor positions require a college education in general, including business, liberal arts and even social sciences, according to

Job descriptions for sales supervisors often require the employee to have retail or work experience. Salaries vary according to specific industries. However, most sales supervisors earn between £19,500 and £45,500 annually.