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The job description for a shoe salesperson

A shoe salesperson has to undertake numerous roles to provide a satisfying service to the customer. This job does not just involve selling shoes to the public, but other duties, including administrative and cashier work. The hours of the job can be varied. An interest in fashion comes in handy, especially when dealing with the style-conscious customer. The ability to sell is necessary, too, since the store is relying on the salesperson to get the goods onto the feet of the public.

Main Duties

A shoe salesperson is required to greet incoming customers. He will assist and advise a customer in finding a shoe suited to her requirements, perhaps based on colour, material or heel height. The salesperson must ask for the customer's shoe size, or measure the foot, to obtain an accurate sizing. The salesperson then obtains the correct-size shoe from the stockroom so the customer can try it on. The salesperson then asks about the fit and feel of the shoe and continues to assist the customer.

Further Roles

A shoe salesperson may be required to advise on and sell items beyond the shoes themselves, such as shoe polish, shoe innersoles and shoehorns. She typically has to be able to work at the cashier till, dealing with purchases and handling money. Additional work such as administration and reordering stock may be required, as well as duties such as keeping the shop clean before, during and after business hours.

Skills Required

A shoe salesperson must be able to work within a retail team, alongside fellow shop assistants and managers, and use his own initiative when dealing with a customer. She must be friendly and approachable, and have good customer service skills, so the public feels comfortable with her. A strong ability to sell and follow through a transaction is vital. A knowledge of current fashions is important. Previous experience is not typically required for a shoes salesperson, as long as he is passionate about the role.

Location and Hours

A shoe salesperson is often based within an independent-standing store. This could be within a village or city. A full-time salesperson generally works the complete opening hours of the business, usually 9 to 5 p.m Weekend hours may be required, and hours may differ when the store is based within a mall or busy area. These shops generally stay open into the evening, and often employ numerous salespersons to work varied shifts, so some may work during the day, and others at night.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow 8 per cent in the retail industry between 2008 and 2018. A shoe salesperson can additionally expect to evolve into managerial roles over time as she gains experience.