How to Lease a Car in the Netherlands

If you are an expatriate working in the Netherlands you will need a car. Rental cars are expensive, especially for long periods of time. The most cost effective way is to lease a car in the Netherlands. Leasing a car in the Netherlands is fairly straightforward, provided your credit is good, but as with rental cars, you need to choose your lease partner carefully.

Check out reputable companies via the Internet. The resources section gives a couple of organisations, but they are not the only ones leasing cars in the Netherlands.

Learn about the companies offering car leases in the Netherlands by reviewing their websites. Find out what they can offer in terms of client servicing, backup, type of vehicles, and pricing. Check out the requirements to ensure they suit, and you can comply with them.

Make a short list of companies to contact about leasing a car in the Netherlands. Call each of them to discuss what you want, and what they can offer.

Choose a company you are confident about and then arrange to visit them in person. Find out before the meeting any documentation you will need to take with you. It will, as a minimum, include your passport, proof of address, bank account statements, business accounts (if applicable), and ability to finance the lease. You will also need to make a deposit if you proceed.

Choose your vehicle and the lease terms. Give your chosen vehicle a test drive to ensure you are satisfied with your choice.

Complete the application forms. These are usually fairly long and detailed. Check it before signing. The lease representative will check your documents and copy them. Your application will be processed, ID checked, and credit checked. The process can take several days---sometimes longer. You will be contacted once your application has been approved a given a date to attend to collect your car.

Meet the company at the prescribed time. Ensure you are satisfied with the car. Check it for damage. Sign the final lease papers and take delivery of your lease car.

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Things Needed

  • Passport
  • Proof of address
  • Bank account statements
  • Evidence of employment
  • Business accounts

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