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How to let someone else use your air miles

In the UK, the Airmiles scheme was started in the mid 1980s and quickly became a subsidiary of British Airways.

When British Airways merged with Iberia in 2011, Airmiles merged with the frequent flyer programmes British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus, to create Avios.

According to Avios, they "took all the best bit of Airmiles and wrapped it up to create Avios." If you want to let someone else use the Avios you have earned, you have a few different ways of going about it.

Transferring Avios to someone else

It is not possible to transfer Avios to someone else, but you are able to make a booking in someone else's name. As the account holder, you must make the booking yourself and be available at the time of booking to be contacted in order to go through the Data Protection process and authorise another person to use your Avios.

Ordering Gift Avios

You can give someone Avios as a gift by logging into your account and selecting the "Gift Avios" option.

It is only possible to order Gift Avios for someone who already has an Avios account. You will need to know their membership number, which the recipient can find out by contacting Avios directly on 0844 493 399. Membership numbers are only give out to the account holder, and Gift Avios cannot be ordered by telephone; this is an online service only. You can order a maximum of 24,000 Gift Avios for each of your friends and relatives every calendar year. After placing the order for Gift Avios, the recipient's account will be credited with them within 3 working days.

Creating a Household account

If you want to give Avios to a member of your family, you can create a Household account by requesting an application form by email ( or telephone (0844 493349) and returning the completed form to Avios. All Household account holders must reside at the same permanent address. To add someone to an existing Household account, navigate to "My account" on the Avios website, click "Create household account" and select "Add a member to an existing Household account."

Merging Avios accounts

Avios accounts registered in different names cannot be merged, but you can combine accounts of members who live at the same address into a Household account. To do this, navigate to "My account" on the Avios website, select "Combine accounts," click "Create a Household account" and follow the steps. Each member of a Household account has equal access to the Avios in that account.