How to Login Into My Sky Broadband

Sky is a television and Internet company based both in the UK and in Ireland. If you have Sky for your broadband service, you can go to their website and log into your own account. There you can view and pay your bill, make changes to your service and get customer service or help for other problems you are having. You can use the same site to log in whether you are in the UK or Ireland.

Go to the Sky site listed in resources. This is the default, UK site. If you are located in Ireland, click "Republic of Ireland" at the top of the screen.

Click "Sign In" under "Already a Sky customer?" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A transparent box will come up with login options.

Log in using one of two options. Use your Sky TV or Internet ID and password to log into the site. Or, log in using details about yourself, including your name and surname, your house name and number, your postcode, and details about the credit card you use for your Sky service. Click "Login" for both options to log into Sky.

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