How to make a payment on an HSBC credit card

HSBC is a large provider of credit cards. If you are an HSBC cardholder, you may make your monthly card payment using one of several methods. HSBC accepts payments online, by telephone, post or at its high street branches. The fastest ways to make a payment are online and by telephone. You'll need to have a valid current or savings account to pay your HSBC credit card bill.

Make a payment online by visiting HSBC's card access website. Click on "Register" to register your card for online account access. Type your credit card number, card security code, as well as your name and address. Create a username and password to use when accessing your account and click "Continue." From your account management screen, click "Make a Payment" and enter your payment details, such as your bank account number, payment date and payment amount.

Make a payment by telephone by calling HSBC's customer service team. There are dozens of numbers for HSBC, depending on which type of card you have. Find the appropriate customer service number on the back of your HSBC credit card. Select "Automated Payment" or "Customer Service" to make a payment from the telephone menu. Provide your payment information to either the representative or the automated system. Don't hang up before writing down your confirmation number.

Make your payment by post by writing a cheque made out to "HSBC." Tear off the lower portion of your bill statement and include it with your letter, if possible. If not, include your account number on your cheque. Be sure to send the payment at least a week before the due date -- this ensures that HSBC receives it in time and that you don't incur a late payment charge. The postal address for payments is printed on the back of your credit card statement or payment reminder.

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