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Managerial Assistant Job Description

A managerial assistant helps a supervisor lead a staff.

Managerial assistants organise employees, handling tasks such as scheduling and attempting to motivate the team. They work in a variety of industries and are solely responsible for directing workers when the manager is off.


Managerial assistants must have a firm understanding of their company’s mission, relaying it to staff members and helping them to perform their jobs. Depending on the industry, managerial assistants may perform other tasks, such as greeting clients or displaying merchandise.


Managerial assistants must possess sound leadership skills, directing other workers with confidence. They also should be strong listeners, ably following the instructions of a supervisor.


Many managerial assistants need a bachelor’s degree with courses highlighting their industry. Others, such as those in sales, can be promoted with no more than a high school diploma and strong work performance.


Opportunities for managerial assistants should be plentiful for years to come, as most industries have managers who need help running their staffs.


Wages for managerial assistants vary greatly by industry. For example, those in sales often receive much of their salary via commission—meaning their success will have a direct effect on how much they earn.