How much does an anesthesiologist make?

Anesthesiologists are licensed medical doctors who specialise in administering anesthetics. Surgeons and other physicians rely upon anesthesiologists to induce sleep before a surgical procedure to help patients remain immobile. Additionally, anesthesiologists limit pain caused by surgery, invasive diagnostic testing and labour. The average salary of an anaesthesiologist depends upon a number of factors including his length of employment, employer type and geographical location, reports

Work Experience

An anesthesiolgist's salary depends largely upon how much work experience she has in the field, says In September 2009, anesthesiologists with less than four years of experience typically earned between £75,824 and £177,246. The average salary range with five to nine years of experience was between £132,442 and £196,223. With 10 years of experience or more, anesthesiologists averaged salaries of between £132,257 to £203,017.

Employer Type

The type of employer an anesthesiolgist worked for also affected his average salary range. Foundations and trusts paid physicians the highest salaries at between £151,106 and £252,747, while non-profit organisations paid between £160,052 and £193,570. One of the lowest-paying employers of anesthesiologists were state and local governments, where doctors earned between £80,925 and £165,011. Hospitals paid maximum annual salaries of £191,781, while private practices in the offices of physicians paid maximums that were slightly higher at £196,298.


The area where an anaesthesiologist worked also affected her salary range. The highest-paying state for physicians specialising in anesthesiology was Pennsylvania, with salaries of between £130,979 and £197,590. Other high-paying states for anesthesiologists were California with a high average of £195,111, Georgia at £192,437 and Texas and Florida, both at £191,639.


While all anesthesiologists must complete medical school and a fellowship in order to practice the speciality, the medical school he attended contributed to his salary in 2009. The doctors that earned the highest average salaries attended Yale University, averaging maximum salaries of £234,000. Those who attended the University of Michigan also enjoyed high-average maximum salaries at £229,613, but at £78,000, the starting salary for graduates of the school was lower than many of the other top schools. Other medical schools that produced highly paid anesthesiologists were Stanford University, Harvard Medical School and Duke University.


Many anesthesiologists received additional benefits that increased their overall compensation packages. Physicians earned an average of between 3.9 and 4.6 weeks of paid vacation and average annual bonuses of between £6,410 and £12,637. Additionally, anesthesiologists received average annual profit-sharing payments of between £2,275 and £14,950. Other common benefits for anesthesiologists included malpractice insurance, paid holidays and sick days, 401(k) retirement plans, life and disability insurance, tuition reimbursement for educational courses and company cell phones.

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