How much does it cost to replace house windows?

Replacing windows in a home can be very expensive, or reasonably priced, depending on a number of factors. The first thing that you must consider is the age of the home and what sort of windows are currently in need of replacement. If they are old, outdated windows, then the probability of your having to upgrade them is pretty high. If they are fairly new windows that have been broken or don't work properly, then the cost probably will not be too substantial. Because of the work associated with replacing old windows, they tend to be expensive.

Newer Windows

Replacing windows in your home can be quite inexpensive, provided you currently have upgraded windows and not the type that are over 20 years old. If you have fairly new windows, you can find replacements for as little as £162, in 2009 prices, installed. Repair personnel from places like Sears and Home Depot can come to your house and do the work for you, in case you do not have the time or knowledge to replace them yourself.

Quality and Price

Wood and vinyl windows tend to cost a little bit more than regular metal-pane windows. Wood and vinyl often can run up to £325 per window, compared to the £162 for a metal-pane window. However, on the flip-side, labour is usually about the same for any type of window, provided no extra work needs to be done in order to get it to fit properly.

Old Windows

If you have older windows, the price for replacement can be much higher, especially if you have someone else come out and do the work for you. In some cases, old windows are odd-shaped, meaning they do not meet current size standards for windows. If this is the case, often a labourer will have to come to your house and resize the window hole to match a size that is available at a home improvement store. This can sometimes entail making a window hole larger or smaller, depending on what type of window you are trying to fit into the available space. Because this type of work is labour-intensive, you will most likely pay steep labour fees in addition to the cost of the actual replacement windows.

Customisable Options

In addition to standard single and double-pane windows, some homeowners choose to replace their regular windows with customised options. These can include a custom size, design (such as an arched window) or colour (such as stained glass). The cost of these types of windows is determined solely by who is making them and how big the window will be. They can range in price from £195 to £2,925 per window, depending on various factors.


If you are not sure about what type of windows you would like to replace your current windows with, visit your local home improvement store. It's best to measure the windows that you wish to replace so that you have some sort of size to present to the clerk at the store. He then should be able to help you select a window that fits within your budget and serves your needs.

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