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How much money do cabinet makers make?

A cabinet maker is a highly skilled labourer who typically receives a plan from a contractor, engineer or architect that details the dimensions of cabinetry for a job. He then cuts, buffs and joins wood together to build cabinets, using tools such as drills to mount necessary hardware used to open and close the cabinets. Cabinet makers typically build them in a wood shop or on location where the cabinets will be installed. According to payscale.com and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of money a cabinet maker earns depends largely upon a number of factors, including how many years of experience he has in the field and the type of employer for which he works.

Work Experience

The average salary range for a cabinet maker with five to nine years of experience is between £11,903 and £33,213. From years 10 to 19, he averages between £25,780 and £39,328 annually. And if he has worked in the field for 20 years or more he has the potential to earn a maximum salary of £46,641.

Employer Type and Size

The type and size of the employer a cabinet maker works for also greatly affects his average salary range. Self-employed cabinet makers earn between £11,700 and £39,000 annually, while those who work for companies earn an average of between £25,374 and £46,800 per year. Cabinet makers who work for companies with fewer than 10 employees earn the highest salaries---between £15,328 and £39,677 yearly.


The type of industry that employed a cabinet maker also affects his average salary. Some of the largest employers of cabinet makers are institutional and household kitchen cabinet making, office furniture, building finishing contractors and building supply dealers, where workers earn average salaries of between £19,253 and £21,606 per year. The highest-paying employers of cabinet makers are federal, local and state governments; general medical hospitals; and support activities for air transportation, where labourers average between £24,999 and £33,527.

Geographic Area

The state or area where a cabinet maker works also affects his average annual salary. The states with the highest concentration of cabinet makers are Utah, Idaho, Oregon, South Dakota and Indiana, where labourers earn average salaries of £18,343, £16,308, £19,974, £16,965 and £19,071, respectively. The states and areas with the highest paid cabinet makers are the District of Columbia at £31,167, Illinois at £25,096, Connecticut at £24,784, New Jersey at £24,303, and Maryland at £23,887.


Many cabinet makers receive additional benefits that increase their overall compensation packages, including between .9 and 1.4 weeks of paid vacation time. Cabinet makers also receive annual bonuses of between £315 and £572 and annual profit sharing of between £650 and £780. Other benefits include 401K retirement plans, casual dress and atmosphere in the workplace, paid sick leave, life or disability insurance, and flex time.

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