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How Much Money Does an Average Waitress Make Per Month?

Waitresses, or servers, take food and beverage orders and serve orders to guests.

A waitress has other duties, such as checking food orders for accuracy, remaining familiar with menu and speciality food items, providing customer service and completing side-work duties. Side-work duties include wrapping eating utensils in napkins and cleaning duties.

Waitress Monthly Pay

As of 2009, a waitress's average annual salary was £13,247, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To calculate average monthly pay, average annual pay is divided by 12 to get £1,103 per month.

Waitresses on the lower end of the pay scale, or 10th percentile, earned £9,698 per year and £807 per month, and those on the higher end of the pay scale, or 90th percentile, earned £19,571 per year and £1,630 per month. All monthly salary figures are based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' annual salary statistics.

Salary by Location

In 2009, Washington was the highest-paying state for waitresses, where monthly pay averaged £1,548.

Massachusetts and Vermont followed; where waitress pay averaged £1,476 and £1,469 per month.

Rounding out the list were the District of Columbia and New York, where waitress monthly salaries averaged £1,444 and £1,389, respectively.

Nevada employed the most waitresses per capita; employing 37,470 waiters and waitresses, monthly salaries averaged £1,156. The highest paying metropolitan area was the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Massachusetts Division. Monthly salaries in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy Division averaged £1,592, according to the BLS's yearly salary statistics.

Salary by Location

In 2009, the highest-paying industry was travel arrangement and reservation services; monthly salaries in this industry averaged £1,507. Grant making and giving services and beverage manufacturing were numbers two and three on the highest-paying industries list.

In grant making and giving services, monthly salaries averaged £1,459 and in beverage manufacturing, monthly pay averaged £1,314.

Rounding out the list were traveller accommodations and furniture stores, where monthly salaries averaged £1,308 and £1,272, respectively. Full-service restaurants employed more waiters and waitresses than any other industry. In full-service restaurants, 1,735,260 waiters and waitresses averaged £1,092 in salary per month, according to the BLS's yearly salary statistics.

Other Factors

Other factors that may impact a waitress's pay are her demeanour, her efficiency and her customer service abilities. Higher earnings for waitresses usually result from tips and do not usually result from higher hourly wages, according to the BLS. Because tips are a waitress's main source of income, waitressing is somewhat performance based. A friendly, efficient waitress who always provides excellent service to her customers is likely to earn more than a waitress who is inefficient, forgetful and does not provide her customers with good service.