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How to obtain copies of property deeds

A person or business needs copies of property deeds for a wide range of reasons. If you find yourself in a position where you need property deeds, you also need to understand the process involved in obtaining this information.

Obtaining property deeds is not a complicated process. Deeds are maintained in a county government office known as the Register of Deeds or Recorder of Deeds. In many jurisdictions, you can obtain a property deed both in the a brick-and-mortar office and through a website maintained by the Register of Deeds.

Go to the Register of Deeds or Recorder of Deeds office. You can locate the office through the county government switchboard or through directory assistance. In most cases, the Register of Deeds is located in the county courthouse or county administrative services centre.

Bring cash or a credit card with you. There is a fee associated with obtaining copies of property deeds. These fees differ rather significantly from one location to another.

Request an appropriate type of copy of a property deed. If you need a copy for an informal or informational purpose, a standard copy is acceptable. If you require a copy of a property deed for official business,request a certified copy. A certified copy is a duplicate of a property deed that is authenticated as being true and correct by the Register or Recorder of Deeds. A special stamp is placed on the copy together with a signature from an authorised staff member attesting to authenticity.

Use the Register of Deeds Internet website to obtain a copy of a property deed as an alternative. If you merely need a standard copy of a deed, you likely will be able to download it from the website. If you need a certified copy, you will need to order it from the website for delivery to you in hard copy with the appropriate authentication. You need a credit card to transact business with the Recorder of Deeds online.