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Office Cleaning Rules

Typically, office buildings have janitorial staff who clean the offices and bathrooms. If you are interested in starting this sort of business, a few rules of etiquette will help you maintain a good relationship with your clients.

The rules for cleaning an office are fairly basic. Mainly, do a good job.

Keep Surfaces Clean

One of the primary tasks you'll face in keeping the office looking clean is to keep its many surfaces dusted and shining. Do not straighten or neaten a person's desk. However, disorganised and cluttered it may appear, he has his own method. In cleaning, you'll have to work around the mess. Certainly, never take anything from someone's office, not even a pencil. Respect your client's property. Dust all surfaces. Polish wood surfaces. Wipe down leather chairs.

Likewise, wipe down knick-knacks and photos which may decorate shelves and desk tops. Put everything back in its proper place.

Clean the Floors

In general, all the floors will usually need is a good vacuuming. Spills and stains are likely to be uncommon in most office settings.

However, it would be a good practice to keep stain removing cleaners on hand.

Steam cleaning the carpets would not typically be expected and in the event they were required, that job would likely be contracted out. Keep other types of floors well swept and mopped.

Clean Windows & Treatments

Most offices will have glass windows and possibly blinds. Other types of window treatments are uncommon. Clean the glass with glass cleaner. If you can reach the outside, clean both sides of the window.

For office buildings, outdoor window cleaners are typically contracted, but the inside cleaners can wipe down the inside of the glass. Use dusters to keep the blinds clean.

Empty the Trash

Office cleaners are expected to keep the trash cans empty. This usually entails dumping the trash into a larger container and replacing the trash lining, if the can uses one. Make sure you find all the trash cans in the various offices and other office areas and work spaces.