How to Open an Australian Bank Account From the UK

Whether emigrating to Australia permanently or visiting on an extended working holiday, it's useful to set up an Australian bank account. Most wages and government benefits require a bank account for payment, according to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Yet you may not want the added hassle of trying to sort out an account when you arrive. Thankfully, you can open an account from the U.K. Be sure to check some of the account details before you confirm anything. Some banks charge monthly fees or require minimum opening balances.

Visit the website of an Australian bank. Two banks that offer online bank accounts for people in the U.K. are the Commonwealth Bank and the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, or AMZ (see references below).

Select your preferred account type. For example, Commonwealth Bank offers an account that allows branch transactions and another account that offers online and telephone banking only. As of 2010, monthly fees are 6 AUS dollars for the former and 4 AUS dollars for the latter.

Download all forms or complete the forms online as requested. Select a destination Australian city and date of arrival. This should be the nearest city to your new home or temporary residence in Australia.

Send application forms to the appropriate e-mail address, fax number or postal address of your chosen Australia bank. Details should be available on the bank website. Check confirmation documents for all of your personal and banking information, as well as the city for account activation.

Visit the designated branch in Australia within six weeks after arrival. Bring your passport and confirmation of your date of arrival, such as a boarding pass. Your account will then be activated and ready to use.


Consider opening an online U.K. bank account if you're only staying in Australia for a short time and don't plan to work.

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Things Needed

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • Application forms

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