How to Open a KFC Franchise

KFC is a chicken franchise known around the world. They are owned by their parent company, Yum! Brands. KFC has over 15,000 locations in 109 countries worldwide and serves almost 12 million people every day. Each KFC restaurant is a franchise, and if you are interested in owning your own KFC it is possible to do so as long as you meet the requirements and have the desire to run your own business.

Research KFC to make sure they are the restaurant that you want to franchise. Get a feel for the company's culture, business practices and corporate structure to make sure that they are a good fit for you.

Ensure that you meet the minimum financial requirements to start a KFC franchise; the company requires any franchisee to have a minimum £1.0 million net worth and £487,500 in liquid assets.

Apply to become a franchisee. KFC will make sure that you meet their minimum requirements, conduct an interview and provide you with an in-store experience to get a feel for their operations.

Select a site for your KFC franchise; the company provides a site selection strategy and helps franchisees to ensure that the site they select is a good one. Allow KFC to approve and register your site once you have control of the land where you are going to build your restaurant.

Finance and build your restaurant. Once the site is approved, you will want to begin construction as soon as possible.

Hire employees and attend all of the necessary KFC training while your store is under construction. Hold your grand opening once the restaurant is complete and you are ready to open for business.


KFC also offers franchisees the opportunity to purchase existing restaurants if they are not interested in building one in a new location.


After your site has been approved, you only have eight months to begin construction of your restaurant and one year to open for business.

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