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Overseas driving jobs

Types of available overseas driving jobs include truck, train, bus and taxi cab. Truck drivers are one of the most in-demand job types for overseas drivers. Keep in mind that if you are planning to live in the country where you are working after the job ends, you may have to gain temporary residency status.

If you are only in the country to complete the driving job and the job lasts only a few days or a couple of weeks, you may only need a passport. Either way, ask the employer you are working for to sponsor you in order to obtain the necessary residency documentation required by the country you are going to drive in.

Truck Driver

Class 2, delivery, forklift and clamp truck driving jobs are available in overseas locations including Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. Most jobs require a Commercial Driver License (CDL) and an international driving permit. Some jobs also require a Reach license.

Overseas truck driver jobs are available working for furniture and bulk supply delivery companies, manufacturing firms and construction crews. For example, a truck driver in Australia may be called upon to confirm shipment inventory, collect payments, join and disjoin trailers, protect equipment and supplies and unload shipments.

Train Driver

Train driver jobs are available around the globe in countries like Mexico, New Zealand, Cuba and Taiwan.

Generally, overseas train drivers are required to pass a medical examination, demonstrate a working knowledge of local operator rules and regulations and obtain local licenses in addition to current CDL licenses. For example, to work as an underground train driver in London, you must be at least 18 years old.

You must also complete basic training and be tested on your mechanical, recall and concentration abilities. In addition, you will be tested on your traction and local route knowledge.

Bus or Coach Operator

Bus or coach driver requirements are set by local governments.

However, generally, bus drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) and an international or local driver's license.

Bus drivers may also be required to complete written and physical examinations and complete training through local bus companies. Check with your overseas employer to confirm the licenses required to perform your job. For example, a bus driver in the United Kingdom is required to speak English and hold a valid driving license equivalent to the British Passenger Carrying Vehicle license.

Cab Driver

A valid international and local driver's license is required for the job.

As a cab driver it is important that you be able to speak the language of the country you are working in.

For example, many cab drivers in Taiwan speak little English so the ability to speak the local language would help you when communicating with colleagues and passengers. Overall, the broader your language skills, the more likely it is that you will be able to gain employment independently or with a cab company while driving overseas.


Directories and boards such as IXL Truck Driver Jobs, Big Rig Jobs, Career Builder, Indeed and Monster list overseas driver job openings. Contact the employer who is advertising the job you are seeking to find out the specific requirements and licenses necessary to perform the job.