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Pastoral manager job description

The job functions of pastoral managers vary greatly depending on the needs of the ministry or other religious organisations for which they work.

However, in their most basic functions pastoral managers are responsible for planning programs that will benefit the organisation and the community, while helping to run the day-to-day operations of the organisation. The pastoral manager does not hold the job of pastor in most ministries; instead, she assists the pastor in forming the organisation's goals while ensuring all business aspects of the organisation are kept in check.

Mentoring role

A pastoral manager is often responsible for the everyday operations of the ministry, including hiring and training new staff to ensure they understand their roles in the organisation.

Pastoral managers are also responsible for providing suggestions and giving advice to current staff when issues arise. In the most basic of terms, a pastoral manager can act like a manager at other businesses that sell products or services.

Activity leader

Pastoral managers act as the ministry's main portal to the community.

This includes planning religious and spiritual activities at the organisation's buildings, as well as planning outreach activities in the community. Activities are created based on the needs of the congregation as well as the community as a whole. The pastoral manager can create his own programs or work with the group's pastor to create activities.

Ministry policy

The pastoral manager is responsible for forming the policies of the organisation with input from the pastor and the congregation.

Managers look over legal documents to ensure they are in the best interest of the organisation and create changes to ministry policies on internal (employee-based) and external (visitors-based) levels. Policy changes should reflect the objectives of the ministry based on capital expenditures and ability to serve the community.

Financial consultant

The pastoral manager monitors the day-to-day expenditures of the organisation, including the purchasing of needed materials, money to be spent on community activities and other expenditures that arise.


The pastoral manager is involved in solving problems that arise in the community and within the ministry. The scope of problem-solving depends on the issues that arise, and managers work with members of those communities and ministries to form plans of attack. The pastoral manager accepts advice from the pastor and provides advice on how best to address the issues.