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How to Get Personal Auto Insurance Without a Car

You may be surprised to know that you do not need to own a car to qualify for auto insurance. All you really need is a driver's license and enough money for the first payment.

You also may be wondering why you would pay for auto insurance if you do not own a car. There are many reasons like if you borrow a friend's car or frequently rent vehicles. Many times it is better to get your own insurance for peace of mind and less expensive pricing. Make sure you get the best personal auto insurance policy that fits your needs.

Ask for the right type of auto insurance policy. The type of personal auto insurance policy you need when you do not own a vehicle is called a NNO (non-owner policy) or broad form policy. This policy insures your drivers license to drive any vehicle. Not all insurance companies will write NNO policies so make this the first question you ask the insurance company when you call.

Determine your correct coverage. If you are requesting this kind of policy because you have a suspended license and need insurance to get it reinstated, minimum liability limits will usually give you sufficient coverage.

If you are frequently renting vehicles or borrowing cars then getting better coverage would be in your best interest. Additionally, you would benefit from including comprehensive and collision coverage on your insurance policy in case you have an accident. The last thing you want to do is borrow your best friend's car then crash it and not have the money on hand to repair it.

Make sure you call the best companies in the industry first. While not all top companies offer NNO auto insurance policies, it is best to try and stick with the bigger companies because they are better equipped to pay off claims quickly and will usually give better customer service. If they are unable to help you with your personal auto insurance needs then try calling an insurance broker who deals with multiple smaller insurance companies.


Have your driver's license handy. Have a fax or e-mail handy so you can receive your binder immediately. Keep your proof of insurance on you at all times.

Things Needed

  • Drivers license
  • Money