Process Improvement Manager Job Description

Process improvement managers' job descriptions focus on the ability to lead projects requiring changes to business processes. Leading projects requires skills in managing people, communicating with executives, developing project plans and schedules and accomplishing tasks with very little authority. Process improvement manager roles are guided by a company's strategies, programs and focus on continuous improvement. For example, a company that embraces lean manufacturing approaches will require someone who has experience in lean projects.

Scope and Purpose

Process improvement managers manage and facilitate process improvement in all areas with a focus on strategy execution, competitive improvement and innovation. The scope of the work depends largely on the type and size of the company. A process improvement manager in a very large company with many process improvement managers may focus on one area, such as purchasing. The smaller the company, the larger the scope of work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Management and facilitation of cross-functional teams is most important to success. Advising executive teams on progress, problem-solving, solution development, identification and measurement of performance targets, plan development and data analysis are project-related skills. Overall communication capability to all members of the organisation and the ability to create standardised methods and approaches for project management processes are additional requirements.

Knowledge and Abilities

The ability to communicate verbally, in writing and through presentations, is required to be able to facilitate individuals and groups. Experience in the areas of business process review, business process improvement and re-engineering concepts and practices is required.

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor's degree in business or a related field is required. Advanced degrees are a plus and may reduce the years of experience required. The years of experience will vary, but between five and 10 years of experience is typical for a process improvement manager. Certifications such as those provided by the Project Management Institute can be required and depend on the company.

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